World Book Day

Today we celebrate World Book Day, with a lot of reading and playing. We know our children’s favorite books that they brought from home. Our crèche has become the real World of Imagination with all the children and staff dressed in the costumes of their favorite characters.

Reading plays a fundamental role in language development. Therefore, books must be part of the children’s universe from birth. When caregivers are reading, they discover the structure of the language and, little by little, realize that it is the images and letters that make they tell the stories. Thus, the child gradually discovers that the letters are symbols and that the texts contain meanings.

Celebrating the day of the book is a way to remember the importance it has in our lives. Reading should be a pleasant time for both children and adults. The sooner you have contact with reading, the better. Reading expands vocabulary, increases knowledge and is a form of fun. And, to encourage this habit to be created really early.

For reading to become a habit and contribute effectively to development, it must be part of the children care routine, as well as feeding and bedtime rituals.

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Chinese New Year- Year Of the Ox 🐂


In the month of February we celebrate the Chinese New Year in our centers.
The Chinese New Year is the celebration of New Year’s Eve that takes place in China, a country that has a different calendar than the one we use here. The Chinese New Year follows a lunar calendar, adopted in the country and based on the 12 cycles of the Moon, which is around 354 days long.

Knowing different cultures helps to broaden the World view of our children.

Culture is a simple word, but full of concepts and meanings that have an extremely important role in the formation of our children.



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Pancake Tuesday

Today is Pancake Tuesday and we had a day full of delicious pancakes. We prepare and decorate our pancakes for our tea time, we learned the Mix Pancake Rhyme and as we are talking about love and kindness we also prepare some pancakes in the shape of a heart.


Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan;
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake,
Catch it if you can.


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3FA199F5-8CE4-4673-BF52-5FBA640A7056Every month we work around a theme and plan our activities in advance aiming at the integral development of our children, but it is important to keep in mind that our lesson plan is flexible and we must incorporate ideas that our children bring and natural events. Today, for example, it snowed and in Shaw Street Center our children were able to play a little with the snow and as we are talking about love, kindness and learning about the shape of the heart instead of making snowmen we decided to make Snowhearts, to enjoy this natural event and incorporate what we are learning.

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Crazy Hair Day

49DC7CD2-E2A1-4B6C-808A-2D3B2CE1DE85C2A9E125-3B72-4A56-A047-8D9CB57C4BC6Here at Hyde & Seek we love to have fun, so last week we celebrated Crazy Hair Day. We aim on this day that children and their parents show a little of their creativity.

As much as it is a fun day, we also use this day to raise awareness about the diversity of hair and styles that exist.

On Crazy Hair Day, children are encouraged to come up with the most creative hair and craziest  hair design they can imagine – hair gel, unique hair colors and even objects incorporated into children’s hairstyles.

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