Hospital – Doctors

674D48D9-E2DA-4822-8198-EC7F79913148During the month of January, we are learning about hospital, doctors, nurses and everyone who works for our health.

Every day we learn something different and we also pretend to be one of the doctors at the hospital to take care of our dolls, that is, our patients.

The idea of ​​this theme is that children learn about jobs, their roles, and contributions to society. And for that, nothing better than to attract them with playful and creative activities that stimulate and engage children with knowledge.

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Welcome Back


We are happy to have you all back and for all the support, you have given us.

Last year we reinvented ourselves as teachers, managers and as children.

Even with so many changes, we managed to have fun in virtual moments and in face-to-face moments. This year will be no different, and we are ready to offer a safe, fun and a place that helps in the development of all areas of our children.

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Silly Socks Day

C56DBEA4-C9D4-49B6-A265-4D8CD8758533Learning by playing and playing by learning is the way children should develop learning. And we had a lot of fun during the Silly Sock Day. Our children were able to customize their socks and play a lot with them throughout the day.

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Diwali: Festival of the Lights

3D02AC55-C7F7-4A67-BDF3-C60E7F375DF4F76A3F40-2231-4BC4-9831-E8ED5BDDBE0AB1970F5E-CC23-4078-B27E-7BE65A77542CImage-1 (1)Diwali , a festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, is one of the most popular celebrations in India.

The Festival of Lights includes fireworks, food, gifts, colored sand and special clay lamps.

This year, at our centers, we choose to celebrate Diwali Day with our children, learning about the world and the festivals around it encourages our children to become Global Kids. They had a lot of fun with Indian music, doing arts and crafts, they loved to try the Indian cake and cookies.


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World Science Day for Peace and Development, 10 November

BB850DD0-56EC-46B2-A61E-597321417B82 4ADEC9CF-B40A-45BA-A679-3C34F20869764ADEC9CF-B40A-45BA-A679-3C34F2086976This week we celebrate the World Science Day for Peace and Development, our centers became a large science laboratory and our children became little scientists, they had fun and learned a lot 
by carrying out different experiments.
When we do Science experiments we provide children with opportunities to practice and develop 
many different attributes and skills. 
These include perseverance and team working, collaborative skills,communication skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

tiny totstoddler roomMontessoriECCE ROOMbaby room science week  Afterschool baby room science week ECCE ROOM Montessori tiny tots toddler room

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