ƈҽʅҽႦɾαƚιɳɠ Cԋιɳҽʂҽ Nҽɯ Yҽαɾ 🐲🎆

Our Montessori children at Hyde & Seek Shaw Street celebrated Chinese New Year by learning about Chinese cultures and traditions through books, arts and crafts, baking, dress up and lots more.

The children learned that is was the Year of the Rat, they enjoyed reading the story of the Chinese zodiac. The children were intrigued to learn how the Rat finished in 1st place after pushing the cat into the water and jumping of the OX’s head who was about to come first!

The children also learned about Chinese clothing, music and Chinese writing but most of all the children enjoyed tasting new foods which we’re made by our in-house Chef Susanna.

Aistear Link: Aim 2  Children will have a sense of group identity where links with their family and community are acknowledged and extended. In partnership with the adult, children will 3. be able to share personal experiences about their own families and cultures, and come to know that there is a diversity of family structures, cultures and backgrounds & 4. understand and take part in routines, customs, festivals, and celebrations.

Next month Hyde & Seek will introduce a Language and Culture programme to the Step Ahead Curriculum which aims to support children’s overall learning and development. The specially designed programme will include exciting sessions to help children from all ages to learn an additional language such as Spanish, French and Irish which aims to build on their natural interest and curiosity to encourage greater understanding of the wider world.


Chinese new year shaw street

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