‍‍‍Graduation Day ‍‍‍

The month of June came to an end and we experienced the feeling of mission accomplished with the graduation of our little ones who have now become big and will start in the Big School. Throughout this year we prepare them, in a fun way, for the beginning of this new phase, without skipping steps and without exceeding the limits of the development stage that our children are in. And to celebrate the end of this cycle in  Early Childhood our class of 2021 prepared many sounds in a beautiful graduation party. They prepare decorations, cakes, cupacakes and we also had a very fun time with the Gymboree team!
Thank you to all the families who shared with us the mission of promoting child development full of affection and learning for your little ones. Some arrived here babies and today we see them already knowing the ABC, numbers, colors, shapes and much more and mostly learned about respect, friendship and affection.
Thank for participating in our online graduation.

Thank you teachers for dedicating themselves in this process, thinking about every activity, games and music that promoted the development and learning in the best possible way.

We wish you every success in every phase of this school life that starts now.


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