Crazy Hair Day

49DC7CD2-E2A1-4B6C-808A-2D3B2CE1DE85C2A9E125-3B72-4A56-A047-8D9CB57C4BC6Here at Hyde & Seek we love to have fun, so last week we celebrated Crazy Hair Day. We aim on this day that children and their parents show a little of their creativity.

As much as it is a fun day, we also use this day to raise awareness about the diversity of hair and styles that exist.

On Crazy Hair Day, children are encouraged to come up with the most creative hair and craziest  hair design they can imagine – hair gel, unique hair colors and even objects incorporated into children’s hairstyles.

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Welcome Back


We are happy to have you all back and for all the support, you have given us.

Last year we reinvented ourselves as teachers, managers and as children.

Even with so many changes, we managed to have fun in virtual moments and in face-to-face moments. This year will be no different, and we are ready to offer a safe, fun and a place that helps in the development of all areas of our children.

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Christmas Party

This was a difficult year, especially for our little ones, who had to stay away from friends at the crèche, grandparents and family for a long time without really understanding what was going on. Therefore, more than ever, we at Hyde & Seek try to make our days at the crèche centers in pleasant moments, with a lot of learning in a playful way. And I think that there is no time more enjoyable than Christmas for our children and that is why Santa Claus could not be left out of our celebrations. After going through a long quarantine with the Elves, they arrived in Dublin last week and visited all of our centers bringing much joy and gifts to all of us. And to show how anxious and happy we were with the visit of Santa Claus and the Elves, our montessori and ECCE prepare many Christmas songs for them. We sang and danced together, we had a wonderful time together.

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Halloween Spooks 2020

Samhain, Halloween

Samhain, is the Irish word for Halloween. In fact, it is here that Halloween originated, coming from ancient pagan tradition of the transition between autumn and winter.

Our Children in Hyde & Seek had some real spooky fun with all our Halloween activities across all our crèches. We were busy in this month creating our scary and fun Halloween arts and crafts.

We ended our Halloween celebrations in Hyde & Seek Childcare with a dress up party. The children loved getting dressed up in their costumes. Playing dress up and role play  helps children with the development of their brains through engagement and helping with their memory, as well as allowing them to use their imagination in such a creative way.


The screams of delight and laughter throughout all our centers was such a joy to hear.


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